Crescendo Software



The app making it easier to learn vocal parts for hymns




Learning a part for a particular vocal range often means needing access to an instrument and having the skills to play it.  Already knowing a part does not always translate into being able to sing it in a group setting as it blends in with the other vocals and gets lost in a sea of sound. 



Learn a part


Listen to one vocal type and practice


Practice with other voices…on your own


Increase or decrease the volume of other voices to practice singing your part while hearing the other parts. No need to coordinate practicing with others.  


Practice anywhere


We do not all have access to a piano or have the ability to play it. Learn while making dinner, in the dorm room, or on the go.




Click on Hymnals to select a particular hymn from a list of hymnals.


Click on This Week to see the list the songs you will be singing this week in your church.


Select the song you want to practice from the list of hymns.





Set the volume controls of each voice to any level you choose.


If you are learning your part for the first time, turn all the other voices down and your voice up. Then press Play.


Make learning your part even easier by slowing down the tempo by sliding the Tempo control to the left. Gradually increase the tempo until you are up to speed.



Once you have learned your part, turn up the other voices and turn down your part to practice singing your part when it is harder to hear it.




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